who is Cannon the brave?


Cannon the Brave is an indie pop group from Albany NY, who take their name from vocalist Allyson Smith’s super hero alter-ego. Cannon the Brave, the alter ego, was created by Allyson to bring out the best version of herself- The one who is loving, positive, unafraid to challenge the jaded and cynical attitudes of those around her. Cannon the Brave, the band, aims to do just that- To connect listeners with the best versions of themselves and encourage them to live those versions out, despite what others might think or say about it.

The group is made up of identical twin sisters Allyson and Whitney Smith, multi-instrumentalist Eric Margan (bass, Sean Rowe), Mike Campana (County Mike) and Brian Beverly. Together, the group has spent the last year recording their debut EP, playing local venues and radio shows, touring, and building a fan base. Recently, Cannon the Brave has toured 3 states (NY, PA & OH), highlights include performing at the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland, and a spot on Albany’s Larkfest bill. CTB have performed in-studio at local stations including WSPN & WEXT, and their single "Sometimes" is in rotation on stations across NY state. CTB has been published as a featured cover story for the Times Union Arts & Entertainment section with Die Hard Try Hard Records, Over Albany blog, BuffaBLOG, The Alt Weekly feature & EP release review, and on NYS Music. More to come!

CTB’s debut self-titled EP “Cannon the Brave,” recorded in part at Overit Studios, engineered and mixed by Eric Margan and Allyson Smith, and featuring instrumentation from Mark O’Brien (Scum Couch) and Craig Dutra (Hospital Corners) is available now via Bandcamp, iTunes, Apple Music & Spotify. The group has teamed up with local artists to collaborate on and create other aspects of their vision as well, including graphic designer Caroline Corrigan (album artwork) and fashion designer Meg Kluball (costume/set design).


Vocals / Allyson Smith
Keyboard, Vocals / Whitney Smith
Drums / Eric Margan
Guitar / Mike Campana
Bass / Brian Beverly